human capital development
Our Training work

We work together with clients to provide hands-on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital to improve teamwork, communication, retention and productivity.

What we are about

You can be assured that the courses we offer are specifically designed to supports job role, ensures personnel remain motivated and thoughtfully adapted to suit employees and management learning and workplace outcomes.

Our courses are structured to ensure that all training or developmental activity we undertake will have a positive impact on the future performance of our Client’s businesses.


An independent impartial Employee Training & Development is a sound investment for any business, helping to ensure that the training investment you are about to make will produce the maximum results.

Benefits of working with us 

- Increased Productivity & Performance of the Workforce

- Assist your employees develop new skills and increases their knowledge.

- Improves efficiency and productivity of individuals and teams.

- Keeps employees motivated and enhance contribution levels.

- Focused Training Spends

- Offers optimum utilization of Human resources

- Enhances skill development

- Improves the company's morale and corporate image


We helping organisations to be significantly more efficient, effective and financially profitable

our courses
soft skills

- Administrative Skills

- Basic Business Finance

- Business Ethics

- Business Presentation Skills

- Coaching & Mentoring Skills

- Conflict Management

- Enhancing Team Performance

- Event Management

- Health & Safety in Workplace

- Interview Skills

- Introduction to Leadership

- Learning Strategies

- Manage Personal Finances

- Managing Meetings

- Personal Mastery

- Professionalism & Customer Service

- Reception Skills

- Recruitment & Selection

- Report Writing

- Stress Management

- Telephone Etiquette

- Time Management

- Project Management

Management & Business Strategy for Leaders

- 7 Leadership Skills for Effective Managers

- Business Continuity Management System

- Business Strategy Workshop for Senior Management

- Change Management

- Effective Project Management

- Experiential Teambuilding

- Individual Effectiveness

- Innovative Problem Solving & Decision Making

- Leadership Effectiveness

- Leading High-Performance Teams

- Strategic Thinking, Planning & Execution

- Success Planning & Development Talent

- Supervisory Management Skills

- Transformational Leadership During Challenging Times

- Conflict Management

- Corporate Planning & Corporate Financial Skills

- Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

- Finance for Non-Finance Managers

- Financial Analysis & Financial Modelling

- Legal Document & Contract Law

- Power Negotiation

Business Courses

- Asset Management Training

- Comprehensive Project Management Principles and Practise

- Corporate Governance

- Corporate Governance Principals in Asset Management

- Dashboards and Business Reports Using Excel

- Empowering Woman in Leadership

- Finance, Budgeting, Reporting and Accounting

- Information Governance and Document Compliance

- Introduction to Excel

- Knowledge Management

- Performance Excellence and Leadership Development

- Public Finance Management Act

- Strategic Planning and Annual Performance Plan


- Business Writing

- Advanced Business Writing & Presentation Skills

- Better Grammar for Letter-Writing & Communication

- Technical Report Writing

- Business English

- Communication & Writing

Supervisors & Clerical

- Skills for Office Managers, Administrative Staff

- Excellent Office Management

- Success Skills for Secretaries & Admin Personnel

- Handling Multitask for Personal Assistants

- Effective Record Keeping & Filing Systems

- The Art of Listening & Telephone Skills

- Supervisory Development Skills

- How to Be an Effective Supervisor

Our Approach

Content Creation

Assess industry development & identify new course

• Prepare course material & delivery through multiple channels

• Continuous audit & upgrade existing courses

Solution Development

• Identify & Analyse customer needs

• Design solutions aligned to industry standards

Our Commitment to You

To achieve your desired results, our development effort extends beyond the training room.

We work in partnership with you to:

· understand your business and development needs

· design development initiatives and deliver high impact training interventions

· track and measure for continuous improvement and sustainability

Delegates Input

DRM will also ensure that your employees are aware that their input into the training is vital at every stage.


Motivate, Move Up and Mould Your Team for Continuous Improvement.

Our Specialisation

Training and Human Capital Development, for Leadership & management, soft skills, interpersonal skills and language courses.

delegates trained
network of facilitators